Dark Souls II: Harvest Valley

Harvest Valley is an area in Dark Souls II and can be accessed after defeating the Skeleton Lord.

How to defeat the Covetous Demon Boss

The Covetous Demon is a boss found at the top of Harvest Valley. The Covetous Demon takes the appearance of a grotesque creature whose body looks somewhat similar to the real-life mole rat. 

This boss may be resilient to poison, but his weakness is Fire and Magic. The Covetous Demon's attacks are either easy to avoid, predictable or both. Most are short ranged, although the jumping attacks can cover a lot of ground. This will give you a chance to counterattack after some of its attacks are performed, making for a rather easy boss. 

His Attacks 

Claw Swipe: Pulls its forearm back and swipes. Has moderate tracking, its is best to dodge it when it actually swipes.

Crush: Readies its body briefly, then he rolls sideways towards the player and can do this twice in a row.

Roll Over: Readies its body for a longer period than the normal rolling attack, and rolls on to its side, this gives you a chance to attack, and rolls upright again.

Tail Slam: Another one of his attacks will lifts its tail into the air, then slams it down 2 or 3 times. Once behind the demon it will give you a chance to attack the front or sides of the boss. 

Leap: In this attack, he pauses and then jumps into the air in an attempt to land on the player. To avoid this, you need to roll out of the way as it is jumping.

Vomit: This attack he will spits out multiple balls of an unidentified liquid of some sort. This attack has short range, so all you need to do is to run away from him.

Eat: This attack puts you inside its mouth and bites you a few times dealing heavy damage. When attacked all your itemsinclude armor, weapons, rings get unequipped. If you get hit, you ned to find an opening  to re-equip one item at a time. 

Melee Characters

For melee characters there is no need to block his attacks. It is best to run around him and watch for his forward punch which is fairly short range but you can dodge this. If you are near his body, rolling over can crush you or will whack you with his tail if your near that.

It is best to stay 5 feet away from him and continue circle him. Note that his attacks are all slow and have a long recovery time allowing you to hit him multiple times.

Smash the pots around arena and you may find undead inside.  Free them and will act as bait and the Covetous Demon will come over to it and eat it. This will give you chance to attack him  while eating them.

Ranged Characters

Casters and archers will find this battle slightly easy. He has this one gap closing attack, which is slow  and you will be able to dodge it.

Attack him from a distance and remember that he seems to be resistant to poison and possibly hex magic.



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