Dark Souls II - Forest of Fallen Giants

Once you are in The Forest of Fallen Giants there is a shallow river, which you can walk in. Follow the river downstream and take care of any hollows along the way.

You will come across a path on the right, follow it to get to bonfire.

Proceed along the river until you reach the end to find a Soul of the Lost undead. You will eventually find a ladder, climb up to the top and fight more enemies. There is a Lifegem and Broken Straight Sword you can take. Try to avoid the arrow coming down from enemy above.

Go through the opening with a ladder, you have an option to either take down the white knight (make sure you are strong) to get Heide Knight Sword as a reward.

Heide Knight 

They will not attack you unless you attack him first.

Note that he has a lot of HP and deals heavy damage so it is best not to attack him unless you are shure that you can defeat him. In case you managed to kill him he will drop the Heide Knight's Sword.

To kill a Knight: you will need around 40 metal arows and a bow. Climb to the higher level of the arena and use your bow to shoot him. 

Climb up the ladder to reach the top into the room with large tree in the middle. There are couple of hollows and another one firing arrows from a ledge above. There is no much space to move around here so keep walking back toward the ladder if you need space to fight. Take out the ones in the ground first and then exit to the right where the path forks. There's a Soul of the Nameless Soldier item for you, then proceed left to fight the archer who was attacking you before. 

Proceed to the end of the path to find a Shortsword and Soul of a Lost Undead. Head back down to the area below and proceed through the mist.

Head down the left path and fight enemies you come across. Enter the room on the left and grab a Wood Bolt behind the barrels.

Continue down the hall and up the stairs and at the top there is an archer and enemy throwing bombs so watch out. 

There is a  Buckler opposite the ladder, but be careful as there is another enemy next to it, take him out and grab it.

Once you have clear the place go up the ladder and move to the far side. You will come across a another enemy, take him out and grab a Witching Urn, (head back and into the door on the left  to find Merchant Hag Melentia).

Go to the middle of the area and jump down to place where there is a broken wall and then drop further down to fight a couple of hallows.  

Head to the far side of this area to find Human Effigy. You have an option to jump across the gap or drop below and head up the ramp to make your way around and grab it. 

You will need to use the tree to reach the Soul of a Lost Undead and torch the item below. Climb down the ladder to the bottom/ground level and grab three Lifegems and enter the cave to find the Soul of a Proud Knight. The moment to take it,  two enemies will attack you from behind. 

Take them out and open the door on the left once the fire is calm and inside you will find a Fire Longsword. 

Make your way back up the tree and go through the hole in the wall to reach a stairway. Go up the stairs to reach the top then climb the ladder and then proceed through the doorway located in the middle of the balcony on the right. There is a bonfire  here you can set it alight and go to the stores on the left for more souls. 

Once done go down the ladder on the other side of the bonefire (there is a Merchant Hag Melentia next to the bonefire). Take out the enemies in the place, there is a locked door but you will need a  Solider’s Key to open it. Head to the other direction and take out another hollow and go up the stairs then cross over to the other side. 

Take out another enemy and head to the corner of the room to grab the Soul of a Lost Undead. You will find another locked door which needs Solider’s Key along with a hollow crouching by the hole in the wall.

Once you have killed the enemy, go through the mist and climb up a slopping tree to the wall and go down to reach a wooden platform.

Get inside the building and take out the enemies then torch it. Drop down near the dooway to came from and go up the ladder to reach another platform. Go up the a ramp to get to the roof and take out any enemies along the way. 

Jump on the platform and eliminate the enemy there then move to the right and drop down to another platform.

Make your way to the cave entrance but wait for the boulder rolls past and then proceed. Inside you will find a Human Effygy and you will also find Cale at the top of the corridor on the right.

He will give you the  Key to use in Majula mansion. At the end of the corridor on the left there is Amber Herb.

Head back out of the cave the way you came in and use the ladder on the left to go down the path. Fight an enemy at the end of the path and then drop down on the left. Run up the ramp to the roof of the house and walk along left side then drop down to the wooden platform.

Proceed to the end of the house there is a  Titanite Shard near the game on the grass below. There is a small ramp to the left use it to reach the ladder. Climb up the ladder and the tree to the top. Eliminate the enemies on the left and then climb up the ladder. There is another enemy at the top, take him out.

Once done go back down and proceed to the left until you come across barrels along with two enemies. You can use the barrels to kill the enemies and make sure you dodge when they attack. This will open the path to another bonefire. 

Take out any enemies you come across and go down the ladder then down the stairs. You will find a Green Blossom grab it and go through the hole on the wall. There is  a crossbow trap so be careful, walk into trigger them then back out as quick as possible. 

Take out the enemies following you and then go inside to collect Great Soul Arrow, a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and a Blue Wooden Shield.

Find a ladder behind the crossbows and climb down where you will find a coffer with a poison cloud trap. There is Titanite Shard inside and there is a mechanism with a face in the corner of the room. Later you will need to use the Pharro's Lockstone.

Go back up stairs and leave the room then proceed ahead. Head through the doorway on the right to take out enemy with fire bombs. Go through another doorway to grab the Large Soul of a Lost Undead located behind the tree.  Climb the ladder on the left and follow the path until you find a light Crossbow on the right. At the end of the path, go through the door, then proceed through the corridor and enter the area on the right.

Take out three enemies below and at the end you will find Mail Breaker and Infantry Helm. To head back to the courtyard you ned to  drop below. Go back to the ladder and there is a broken path on the left, drop down and then climb up makeshift ramp and destroy a wooden cart. At the end of the path climb through the window and take out the enemies in the hallway. 

Go down the stairs and eliminate the three enemies then grab Aromatic Ooze items. Proceed down the hall and go through the dooway on the right.  Fight your way through the courtyard and go to the location where you fought the enemy with turtle shell armour. 

Proceed to the corridow below and go up the stairs on the right. Take out two more enemies in the place and pick up the two Amber Herbs. Then go uo the stairs to find Lifegem and Homeward Bone.

Go up the stone sword and take out a couple of enemies then grab Halberd and a Soul of a Nameless Soldier . Go back down the stone sword and through the mist.

Go to the room on the right without  a torch lit, take out the bug along with the enemy and collect a Titanite Shard, a Large Leather Shield and a Lifegem. Leave the place and go to the far right to find 10 Fire Arrows. Go through the door to reach the ladder below the bonfire.

Enter the lift and go down to the corrirdor then take out the enemy near the end. Walk through the mist and get ready for a boss fight.

Boss Battle: The Last Giant
Reward: Soul of the Last Giant, Soldier Key

This boss follows a basic attack pattern so try to avoid his attacks. Take your time to observe him and keep moving around.

He has sic different initial attacks to watch for. He can fall foward, if you are neadby he will cause a massive damage, or if you approach from the front he sweeps his hand horizontally across the floor. Also approach him from behind and he’ll jump back and stomp on you. Getting too close in front of him and he’ll try to crush you with his fist. And get too close and he’ll stomp down with his feet three times.

Try not to get trapped in the corner either or be close to the wall. You can run toward him and as he try to sweep you with his hand, run between his legs and attack his ankles and run away. Once he has finish stomping, run back to him and repeat the process. 

Once you have defeated the Giant is defeated you will get the Soldier Key. Then open the locked door at the end of the hall, then smash the wooden cart on the other side of the room to find a Hand Axe and Radiant Lifegem.  

Backtrack upstairs, recharge at the fire, and then begin to explore the brown doors with black bars which your new key allows you to unlock. There are several you can unlock: one immediately above the Bonfire at the top of the ladder, one down the ladder near the exit outdoors, one across the stone bridge near the salamander pit, and one leading upward from the large open area facing the sea...the path to The Pursuer.

Another door is locate din the large open courtyard outside the fire room, to access this you need to drop down the scaffolding and navigating along the planks and fallen tree nearby.

Take out the enemies here and watch out for corpses playing dead. When you reach the flaming tunnel, step into the gulch and then retreat immediately. There are two swordsmen will try to drop behind you and try to trap you. Take them out and then proceed to the tunnel leads to a salamander. Don't attempt to kill him instead dart left after his fireballs and enter a hidden chamber to grab a Flame Sword.

Make your way back to Majula and pass through Heides Tower of Flame. There is a Pursuer at the to of the stairs upstairs from the open portico if yo uwant to fight him.




 Heides Tower of Flame

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