Dark Souls II: Dragon Aerie

Dragon Aerie is a location in Dark Souls II and is adjacent to the  Dragon Shrine. This place is the home to Ancient Dragon and is patrolled by very powerful knights and dark priests.

Three of the islands have red dragons on them. These dragons are a bit weaker compare to Guardian Dragon. 

These dragon will not flay either hence making easy for melee characters to fight them. Those island with red dragon also have crystal lizards. You will be able to come back on case you miss them by resting at a bonfire, as they will respawn but the dragons will not.

Also you will come across Hollow enemies occasionally charging at you then explode with corrosive damage. Note that your gear will get destroyed if you get hit more than once. In this area there is only 1 bonfire, and the exit is across a large, rickety bridge that will lead into the Dragon Shrine.



Aldias Keep



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