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Dark Souls II: Doors of Pharros


The Doors of Pharros are the location in Dark Souls 2 and a home to intelligent, gigantic rats.

Once you reach the place you will come across a Mastadon enemy. Make sure you dodge his big swings. There is a small hole in the wall inside there is a bonfire.

Then go back to the first room and go up the stairs to eliminate the enemy. Head to the left and take out another enemy along with a chest. Then head up the stairs to find a room with a ladder. Inside there is a poison rats that will make you Toxic. Go up the ladder and follow the path. You will come across a lot of Pharros doors. 

Unless you are in the Rat King covenant, it is best to save your Pharros stones. Enter another large open area where you will see more Pharros doors which leads you to the Royal Rat Authority on the left of the area. There is also another Bonfire behind this door before enter the boss area.

Covenant Hazards

Be careful this area can be very dangerous since this area can be pulled into someone's world who is in the covenant. 

In this area you will fight the Royal Rat Authority Boss at the end of the Doors of Pharros. 

How to defeat the Royal Rat Authority

When you get a chance look through your inventory to see if there's anything there to help mitigate the toxic damage dished out by the rodents.

Use weapon that has a fairly wide attacking range, when it comes to your offensive approach to the fight to make it much easier to hit multiple enemies at once. Take out the four poison spewing rats as quickly as possible, so that you can deal with Royal Rat Authority.

When ready run toward the rats or fire off a ranged attack to get their attention. Wait until you back up until you've got at least three of them nibbling together in a bunch, then smack 'em in the face with your wide melee attack. 

Your opponent will simply lunge straight at you with a head-first dive if you get too far away from Authority. Make sure you blocking this attack because it will wipe out your stamina bar entirely.

Note that it is a bit hard to dodge his attacks, try to block that lunging dive, then run immediately beneath the creature to get your own damage in. Stay around in this position for a while and keep thrashing away at those hind legs. Then move if the boss leaps out of the way and get ready to dodge again.

When this boss has reach certain amount of damage, the Authority will start throwing up some vile, burning liquid. Make sure you run away as fast as you can. This will make him start using it's leaping attack again, attack him until he is defeated. 


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