Dark Souls II 

PS3 Xbox 360 PC 
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Dark souls II: Blue Sentinels


Players who joined the Blue Sentinels covenant can be summoned into the world of a member of the Way of Blue to protect them from an invader. This covenant also serves to purnish those who have sinned like the Darkmoon Covenant of Dark Souls.

You will get the Guardian's Seal ring after join the covent. This ring need to be worn in order to be automatically summoned into the world of Way of Blue when needed.

How to join Blue Sentinels

Player need to receive at leat one Token of Fidelity from a co-op boss fight. Go and talk to Blue Targray once you have defeated Old Dragonslayer in the Cathedral of Blue.

In case you could not find this Token of Fidelity, you need to increase the bonfire intensity with Bonfire Ascetic in Heides Tower of Flame to cause red Blue Sentinels to appear. Take them out and they will drop Token of Fidelity among other items.

You can invade the world of an invader using a Cracked Blue Eye Orb dropped from the Old Knights in Heides Tower of Flame.


Way of Blue covenant


Brotherhood of Blood


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