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Dark Souls II : Belfry Sol

The Belfry Sol is an optional area found within the Iron Keep. You need to open the Pharros Lockstone wall inside the third main chamber in Iron Keep to be accessed this area.

The Bell guardian leader will be sitting there and a fog gate next to him. Talk to him if you want to join the Bell keepers Covenant. Through the fog is Belfry Sol.

The room if filled with knights standing on metal platforms that can be dropped.

This tower is protected by Bell Keepers, and once inside start taking care of the small Bell Keepers along with a few full size phantoms who will not spawn once you kill him. Make your way toward the ballista and then turn left as you head to the towers on the far wall. There is a lever in the small tower to the right use it to ring the bell.

There is ladder in the left tower to reach the rooftops. A phantom wielding double repeating crossbows. Take him out, then head along the roof to find a corpse holding Simpleton's Spice x1.

There is a doorway blocked by gated walls to the left. Head down and take out the Greatshield Phantom and the Dwarfs. There is a door on the right, inside there is a corpse holding Simpleton's Spice x 1. There is a chest containing the Immolation Pyromancy Spell.

Go down the stairs, then at the bottom, turn around at the bottom you will find a corpse holding Human Effigy x1 and Triclops Snake Troches x1.

Once done, go through the doorway to return to Iron Keep via a small ledge. There is an Illusory Wall on this ledge on the right wall. Enter the room and grab Black Knight Greatsword x1 and Protective Chimex1,Grand Spirit Tree Shieldx1 fromtwo chests. 

You will have to use x to open on ps3/4 since it does not open with attack or roll


Iron Keep


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