Dark Souls 2: Undead Purgatory

Undead Purgatory is the place of the Executioners Chariot boss battle. Most of the items in the place are souls along multiple items scattered around the area.

This is also the the location of the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant.

How to defeat the Executioners Chariot

The skeletons and the boss himself are weak to Fire also magic seems to cause more damage. 

Charge: Horses will lower their heads to attack you, it is best to dodge to either the left or right. Sometimes he jump backward before that attack.

Drop: Sometimes he will drop with his front limbs after standing up. Big range.

Kick: This attack will kick  you with his legs when you are behind him.

Dark Breath : This is range attack with dark magic, especially when you are far from him. Before he uses the magic attack, he will slow down and stop, then crane their necks. To escape unharmed, it is best to to stay at the Chariot's side, then  do some  serious damage to the boss.

There are about 7 or 8 skeletons to take care off as well as two mage guys. The first one is on your left about 2 or 3 doors down.

The first thing to do is to deal with all the skeletons in the area. Rush the two closest and kill them, then dive into an alcove to avoid the carriage.

Then once the carriage is passed run up the lane and then take left for a mage. Eliminate him, then he will resurrect the nearby skeletons if he survive.

Once you have taken care of him, wait for the carriage to pass and then proceed up to take care the next group of skeletons.

Then once the carriage has passed again, go up the lane and head to the right. You will come across a second mage, kill him and wait if there is any skeletons come running up. Then once the carriage passes, run up and pull the switch on the left side to lower a gate right next to it. Once that is done, go back to the closest alcove and wait until the carriage crashes.

Melee Character

Shields will not help you much since the boss launches very heavy hits. The hit from him will drain your stamina very quickly. It is best to dodge the attack and keep a small distance away from him.

When he uses his breath attack, dodge him and this leaves him wide open for attack. If you have a fire sword, or can employ a fire resin to attack the boss for additional damage.

Ranged Characters

Casters and archers the techniques is pretty much similar as the melee character. This boss will keep trying to close the gap, so it is best to dodge and sling your spells at close range. Dont bother to use hexes as it will not cause much damage. It is best to use normal soul magic to cause additional damage as well as Pyro spells will do fine also.


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