Dark Sould II: Belfry Luna

You will need Pharros Lockstone to enter Belfry Luna. Once you have defeated the Ruin Sentinels, locate the entrance left of the bonfire. 

Carefully climb down the ladder as there is a dog behind the barrels at the bot of the ladder. Inset the Pharros Lockstone on the face marked on the wall and then smash the face on the right to unveils the doorway to Luna Belfry. 


Go through the door and talk to the guy on the right. He will ask you to join the Bell Keeper covenant and tells you abut munchkins defending the bell upstairs. 

Make your way upstairs and fight your way through to the next set of stairs. Take out the munchkins and also you will get an invasion warning. 

Climb up the ladder to fight more enemies at the top.  Move around the pillar while taking them out one by one.

Once you have defeated them all enemies along with Dark Spirit Bell Keeper, grab Radiant Lifegem and Twilight Herb from the chest and then ring the bell. Also there are some collectible souls by the other pillar and don't forget to loot the place. 

Go back and talk to the guy agains he will give option to join the Bell Keeper covenant and receive Bell Keeper's Seal upon accepting the offer. Also you will unlocke the Clagorous Covents trophy / achievement.

Clangorous Covenant
Discover the clangorous covenant

Once done make your way to fight with Belfry Gargoyle. Once you have defeated him, go pass a set of stairs to find a bonfire and a ladder going down. 

At the bottom of the ladder there are some dogs, so you need to be very quick and start taking them out. When you reach the ground you will be invaded by and NPC wildering a lance and a shield. It is not too difficult to take him although he is very aggressive. 

Belfry Gargole Boss

Drops: Bastile Key and Enchanted Falchion.

This boss takes additional damage from lighting and magic but is not particularly vulnerable. 

Melee Characters 

The battle will be tough regardless of who you are, mainly because you are facing many targets at once. You will have about 10 seconds alone with the first gargoyle when you first enter the fight.  At this point  try to outright kill him or do major amount of damage. When the other Gargoyles arrives it is best to take a very defensive stance. Keep all of them on the screen and choose your attack very carefully. 

When you get a change locate the gargoyle using flame breath. You will notice he stand still this gives you a chance to dash up and hit him few times.  

Ranged Characters

Only Archers and Casters may have slightly easier with this battle. Note that the bosses have only one main gape close but is no long ranged one. Hence players will have to run from one end to another while casting spells until the bosses catch up with you. 

You need to be careful and pick your shots wisely.

Once the place is cleared grab the enchanted falchion and the Bastille Key.



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