Dark Soul 2 - No-Mans Wharf

No-Mans Wharf is the place in Dark Souls 2 and is the home to pirates, brigands, and spider-monkey-like insectoid primates.


All enemies in this area re tough however if you use Pharros' Lockstone you will be able to weaken them.

Pharros Stone can be obtained early in the game from Old Woman or locked house in Majula

Some enemies in this zone throw gunpowder bombs, althrough they do less damage but when the character is covered with the gunpowder and then if the flaming arrow is tossed at the character will cause the character to explodes and instant death.

The Warf is accessible through Heides Tower of Flame. The subterranean entrance lead to a Bonfire followed by narrow path along the waterfront. 

As you enter the area proceed down the path and go down the stairs to the left then take out the enemy in the area. Proceed over the small wooden ship and inter the room on the left. Take out the enemies in the area then head up the stairs to find a chest with Titanite Shard inside.

Go through the door on the left and take out the enemy outside. Note that this type of enemy uses the Estus Flask to regain health if you give him space to do so, so stay close. Grab a Soul of a Proud Knight at the end of the platform and then go back downstairs and through the doorway and head left. Take out two more enemies and proceed to the left again. Drop into the water and collect a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and a Lifegem.

Proceed toward the wooden path as you heading toward the house. Take out the enemy coming out of the house and the one outside the house.

Enter the house to collect three Dark Pine Resins.

Once done leave and head left into a building that looks quite ruined. Smash the crates in the corner and you’ll bag yourself Iron Arrows.

Leave that building and go right, there are some enemies at the top of the stairs. Don’t fight them, but instead walk halfway up the steps and head right to fight two soldiers, and then get inside the garrison.

Take out three enemies on the ground floor and you’ll find a coffer to the left with Bandit Axe, Brigand Hood, Brigand Armour, Brigand Gauntlets, and Brigand Trousers in it.

Head to the second floor and eliminate two more enemies. In the chest you’ll find  Repair Powder Varangian Helm, and a Titanite Shard.

Once down head back downstairs and through the door. When on the ground by the edge of the cliff look for a face on the floor, then insert a Pharros’ Lockstone in to light the entire dock, this drive the spider-apes above you indoors.

Move forward and down a small wooden ramp to the left and collect a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and three Small Smooth and Silky Stones.

Drop to the ledge below, and then go up the stairs and to the right. If you are confident you can take the enemies hear on head-on, or you can go into the building on the left and use the stairs there to reach the top.

Eliminate one of the enemy and then go through the door to get to the building across. Kill the enemy and then move to the edge of the doorway and wait for the other enemy to spot you. Lure him into the building and finish him.

There is still one soldier and a dog, which you can take him out with a ranged weapon if you have one. Then go left up the stairs to find three beasts around a corner. Illuminated the area with the Pharros’ Lockstone to make thing easy otherwise you will have to fight them. 

When you are at the top level go to the ledge to collect a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and an Emit Force.  

Then get inside the building one the left then open the door and run back out. Inside there are two big beasts, you can use a ranged weapon to attack them while they are still inside (it will take time for them to break the wall) or fight them when they get outside.

Once done go back inside and go up the stairs, take out the two beasts and proceed through the door to speak with Gavlan (merchant) in the corner.


You can buy a poison weapons from him and other items also you can sell off some of the items in your own inventory.

Grab the items from the two chests, the one direct opposite Galvan (on the right) is trapped with arrows so have medicine ready then grab a pair of Silver Talisman and  the chest on the left has a Greatsword.

Once done head back downstairs and outside, then proceed to the left to reach the next building. Enter the building and take out one enemy on the bottom floor and go up the stairs to fight another one. Then proceed through the opening to reach the balcony, climb the stairs on the left and pull the lever on the platform.

This will summon the ship, go back inside and get to the platform below you to collect two Lifegems and a Homeward Bone. Then go down the down the stairs, grab 10 Fire Arrows in the middle of the stairs and there are two beasts on the floor below waiting for you. If possible use a ranged weapons to attack them and when they are weak then finish them off with melee attacks.

On the corner there is a door on the left and inside there are a couple of guards, take them out and another one is upstairs. Go to the third floor and through a hallway. You will find a rope – pull it – and you’ve connected the previous area to this one.

Head back to the rocky ramp and go down the stairs. There are two beasts in the building on the left. Make your way down the path and grab Human Effigy and two Lifegems on the row boat.  Take out the two guards and then proceed along the pier as it turns to the left. Proceed up the stairs and speak with Carhillion (useful for magic users).

Go back to the pier and turn right towards the ship. Take out the archer on the left along with the two guards coming towards you. Then go back to the ship deck and through the doorway. Head downstairs and go through the mist to face the boss.

Boss Battle: Flexile Sentry

Reward: Flexile Sentry Soul

Get your weapon ready and if you have a ranged weapon, get it read. Use the pillar in the middle of the room to take cover, this will stop him from getting too close. 

Try to take him out as quickly as possible because the room is filling with water. The battle will get tough when the water level rises.

One of his attack is one side attacks with two clubs with spikes on them and another attack is uses two swords..

Take cover to avoid any long-range attacks from the Sentry. He normally launches at least two attacks and then starts to counter. However he will launch a third attack if you get too close.

Once you have defeated the boss, go through the door and climb the ladder to find a coffer with a Pyromancy Flame and a Fireball. Go to the far corner and examine the circular object to initiate a cut-scene.

Once done, go down the pier and to the left, through the corridor and into the room with a lift. Take a lift to up to floor above and grab Soul of a Proud Knight and a Radiant Lifegem in the middle of the celling. Then go through the door and up the stairs to get to Lost Bastille.



Cathedral of Blue


The Lost Bastille

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