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Call of Duty: Ghosts Easter Eggs

Call of Duty Ghosts Easter Eggs

Cod Ghosts: Alien Pet Easter Egg

In Call of Duty Ghosts player will be able to hypnotize an alien in the Extinction Alien Mode.

How to hypnotize an Alien in Call of Duty Ghosts

All you need to do is grab the Hypno Knife on the balcony of the Gil’s Lodge Motel, and then throw the hypnotizing knife at an alien to turn it into your frien.

The alien will be following you and protect you from other aliens.You can keep him for long as you just make sure he doesnt get killed by other aliens.


Cod Ghosts: Monty Python Quote Easter Egg

This easter egg is found in singleplayer campaign, when your buddy gets shot. Merrick will ask “Are you alright?”, at which point the teammate will reply: “Yeah, it’s just a flesh wound.” which is the quote from Monty Python.

Cod Ghosts Multiplayer: Secret Hiding Spot Easter Egg

This easter egg is in Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer during a Team Deathmatch in Flooded map . At the center of the map there is a flooting bus (see the image below) jump on it.


To your right there is a pillow (see the image below) there is an invisible ladder, run and jump on it.


This invisible ladder leads to a secret hiding spot with a teddy bear and is a secret hidden spot.


Cod Ghosts Multiplayer: Doctor Who and Zelda Easter Egg


This easter egg was discovered in the Wii version of the game. You will come across three green glass trophies on a shelf. 

The first one is shaped like Doctor Who's famous TARDIS, and reads: "Award for Largest Interior with Smallest Exterior"

The middle trophie shaped like Zelda’s Rupee currency and reads "Most bushes cut and pots smashed".

CoD: Ghosts-Saving Private Ryan Easter Eggs

This Easter Egg can be discovered during All or Nothing mission. You will come across a soldier about to be killed, kill every enemy around him. This is reference to the "Saving Private Ryan" Movie.


CoD: Ghosts Gil's Lodge Motel


In Extinction Alien Mode before the first major Hive where you will be assisted by the Helicopter, there is a Gil's Lodge Motel sihn. Occasionally the sign will have only 3 letters light up (LOL) because you are playing Call of Duty.

Extinction Gold Alien Easter Egg -Call of Duty Ghosts


Blimey O'Riley Achievement/ Trophy Guide


Achievements and Trophies

Discoveries made by NoahGamerTutorials & RSP, Ali-A

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