Black Ops 2: Easter Eggs Locations

Black Ops 2: Easter Eggs Locations.

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Campaign Easter Eggs 

Thor's Hammers

This easter egg is found in Celerium mission. The place where you you have been fown in, you need to kill all the enemies and head to the cliff and down to the lower area. Get inside the cave to get the Thor's Mjoinir Hammer.

Jimmy Kimmel Easter Egg

Multiplayer Easter Eggs 

Retro Games Easter Egg

You need to be in Nuketown 2025 to be able to unlock this easter egg. Shoot off all of the mannequin heads (in 1:30 minutes). Then you can play retro Activision titles pitball, River Raid, Kaboom and H.E.R.O

Mail Box in Nuketown 2025

House No 13 -Woods

House No 11- Mason

Zombies Easter Eggs 

Black Ops 2:-Nuketown Zombies-Easter Eggs

Black Ops 2-Green Run Easter Eggs

Green run/Tranzit Easter Eggs

Black Ops 2 - Die Rise - Easter Eggs Song location

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