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Released Platforms
November 4, 2016 PS4, PC, Xbox One
Developer Publisher
Infinity Ward Activision
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About the game

Earch has been stripped of its natural resources due to population growth and industrial expansion in Infinite Warfare. You are part of an organization known as the Nations SPace Alliance (UNSA) and are partnering with another faction known as the Solar Associated Treaty Organization (SATO). Before the evens of the game, a faction is formed to stop your quest in restoring Earth and taking resources from other planets and solar systems. They are known as the Settlement Defense Front (SFD). 


  • Walkthrough

Mission 1: Rising Threat

Mission 2: Black Sky 

Mission 3: Operation Port Armor 

​Mission 4: Operation Burn Water 

Mission 5: Operation Dark Quarry 

Mission 6: Operation Black Flag 


  • Cheats & Secrets & Collectibles

Zombies in Spaceland - Easter Egg Guide

Zombies in Spaceland - Where To Get All 10 Perk Locations

Zombies in Spaceland - How to turn on the power locations guide


  • Investigations​​​

Call of Duty- Infinite Warfare

  • Side Missions


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