CoD: Black Ops 3 Salvation Revelations - Summoning Altar Pieces Locations


This article shows how to get all Keeper Protector -Summoning Altar Part Locations in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation Revelations.

In total there are three pieces to collect so take the portal to each of the areas below and find the items that are hidden within:

Once you have collected all 3 Summoning Altar Pieces (which can spawn at multiple different spots) then you build the Summoning Altar, which unlocks the Keeper Protector for use in-game.

The Keeper is incredibly useful to advance in rounds quickly. He will kill zombies and also revive you if you go down!

After finding all 3 parts you must craft the Altar at “Der Eisendrache” section of the map in the back of the derelict theater (look for the circular stone wheel on the wall left of the mannequins), and then you can summon a Keeper for 5,000 points.

 Where To Get All “Keeper Protector” Summoning Altar Part Locations

 Summoning Altar Piece 1 Location: The Keeper Skull

The Keeper skull can be found in the:

  • Location # 1- Downstairs in “Verruckt” section of the map , on the bookshelf besides Speed Cola.
  • Location # 2 - Upstairs on the ooden wheelchair at the house entrance by the stairs leading out to the Corruption Engine just before the jump pad.
  • Location  #3 - The Pink Gen

Summoning Altar Piece 2 Location: The Pink/Purple Gem

This Altar piece can be found in either:

  • Location # 1 - “Der Eisendrache” (Kino) section of the map. Look in the stone rubble next to the pyramid
  • Location # 2 - go past the pyramid towards the Crypt and look on the ground right of it
  • Location # 3  - check on a table next to the blue jump pad in Kino that’s near the derelict theater.

Summoning Altar Piece 3 Location: The Red Flag

This can be found:

  • Location # 1 - “Origins” (Mob of the Dead) starter area of the map. Look for it on the sandbags in front of the staked-through up-in-the-air zombies.
  • Location # 2 - Or it can appear in the Cafeteria right of the perks machine.
  • Location # 3 - Can be found in multiple spots around the blue-gems-stuck-in-rocks area.

It is important to build the Summoning Altar as it is required to complete the in-game “Craft the Keeper Protector Altar” Challenge and unlocking the trophies / achievements titled “Keep Close” and “Wardrobe Change”.


"Keep Close” and “Wardrobe Change"

How to build the Summoning Altar

There are several Summoning Altars spread around the map, which appears as circular stone "plates".

Once you have all 3 altar parts you can interact with an altar to complete the build. When the altar is built at one location, you will be able to summon a special keeper called the "Keeper Protector" for 5000 points at any of the altar locations.

Summoning Altar locations :

  • Location # 1 - Verruckt upstairs.
  • Location # 2 - Shangri-La, lower level downstairs, inside the temple room with the large primis statues.
  • Location # 3 - Origins, opposite the generator (where Speed Cola used to be)
  • Location # 4 - Kino, on the stage behind teleporter

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