CoD: Black Ops 3 Salvation Revelations - How to find the Runes of Creation

Finding the Runes of Creation is one of the requirement to unlock an Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation Revelations 

There are four empty slots on the right side of the HUD inventory which are for the secret "Runes of Creation". Each relate to each of the elements - fire, ice, wind, electric. It's believed that the runes lead to the elemental staffs.

In order to be able to claim the runes you will need to have atleast 3 players in game. The gateworms will not spawn into the game if you play solo or with two players.

Head to the location below and  walk around slowly and wait for you controller to buzz. It acts like a sonar, and will buzz more as you get closer the target. When you are close enough, press square to interact and a worm will pop up, before spinning around and then transforming into a rune.

  • Shadow/Purple Rune - Origins
  • Electricity/Blue Rune - Der Eisendrache
  • Fire/Yellow Rune - Spawn area
  • Light/White Rune - Shangri-La

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