CoD: Black Ops 3 Salvation Revelations - All Easter Egg Steps Guide

This article will guide you on how to obtain all Easter Eggs found in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation Revelations


  1. For the Good of All - In Revelations, the Key must be opened
  • A Better Tomorrow - In Revelations, complete the cycle

Both are classified as secret, high level rewards.

Easter Egg Step 1 - Override the Corruption Engines

The first step you need to Override the  Corruption Engine (see  How to override the Corruption Engines)

Easter Egg Step 2 - Collect the Summoning Altar Pieces

You need to collect all summoning Altar Pieces found in the game. (see Summoning Altar Pieces Locations)

Easter Egg Step 3 - Build the Summoning Altar

See how to Build the Summoning Altar

Easter Egg Step 4 - Enter the Apothicon Creatures Mouth

To enter the Apothicon Creature Mounth you need to head to Nacht der Untoten, go upstairs and look for the computer control panel with the four green panels. Then wait for the giant Apothicon to move in front of the electric trap and then activate the control panel. Make sure the electric hits the Apothicon beast, then he will be knocked down and revealing an entrance to his mouth.

Now you can walk through the Apothicons mouth to go inside his belly. Look for a  yellow orb. Shoot it to reveal the Pack-a-Punch machine. Take the opportunity to improve your primary weapon.

Easter Egg Step 5 - Find the Wisps (Lanterns)

See How to find the Wisps (Lanterns) Guide

Easter Egg Step 6 - Upgrade the Apothicon Servant

See How to upgrade Apothicon Servant Wonder Weapon Guide

Easter Egg Step 7 - Shoot the Gravestones

See How to shoot the Gravestones Guide

Easter Egg Step 8 - Get an Apothicon Egg

The third inventory item in the HUD which appears to be a brain, is an Egg which eventually becomes a Gateworm. The eggs are located inside the Apothicon, in four separate pods.

Easter Egg Step 9- Hatch the Gateworm

From Step 8 with a Gateworm, you can move on to the Runes step below and trade your worm for a Rune.

Easter Egg Step 10 - Find the Runes of Creation

See   How to find the Runes of Creation Guide

Easter Egg Step 11 -Defeat the Shadow Man


​The man responsible for Maxis' death and the Apothicon invasion must be stopped.

Easter Egg Step 12 Use the Summoning Key (Final Boss Fight)

Use a Summoning Key to defeat the Apothicon invasion, banishing those tentacle beasts. The BOSS fight takes place in a secret room below spawn, against the giant Apothicon that you previously entered to reach the Pack-a-Punch.

Easter Egg Step 13- Free the Children

Set Samantha and the other children free.


More to come soon

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