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US - 26th Mar 2013
EU - 26th Mar 2013
AU - 26th Mar 2013
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
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Irrational Games 2K
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BioShock Infinite // Facebook

BioShock Infinite is the third instalment of the Bioshock series by Irrational Games.  The game will be release on 26th February 2013, in PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3.

BioShock Infinite takes place in 1912, years before the events of the original, and is set in the even more fantastical, technologically-advanced flying city of Columbia. BioShock infinite takes place in the midst of a civil war between the city's two factions: the Founders led by Zachary Comstock and supported by the police, and the Vox Populi, led by Daisy Fitzroy and supported by a group of angry citizens who aren't happy with Columbia's status quo.

Bear in mind that Infinite is not a direct prequel to any of the previous BioShock games, and no actual story connections between Infinite and previous entries in the series has ever been announced.

Main characters (see all)

Booker DeWitt


Where does BioShock Infinite take place?
BioShock Infinite leaves the confinements of Rapture and takes to the skies in a floating city called Columbia. The flying city is named such for its poetic reference to early United States of America.

What is the plot of BioShock Infinite?

It is the early 1900s. A former Pinkerton detective named Booker DeWitt, who the player will control, is sent to recover a young girl named Elizabeth from Columbia.

Little does he know that he would get caught up in a civil strife between two warring factions, in which Elizabeth plays a key role. On the surface, the plot sounds like a typical "rescue the princess" type of deal, but the political and social themes make for a riveting tale of redemption and finding one's place in the world.

BioShock Infinite Walkthrough

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