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Battlefield 4: Commander Mode


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Battlefield 4: Commander Mode

Only in Battlefield will you lead your team in Commander Mode, which lets you take point and turn the tide of battle. With this mode players will be able to play as Commander on a table while connected to a real server, or while playing BF4 on any system. 

There are three levels to being a Commander in the game are.

  1. Intel Gathering: You will be updating your team to the whereabouts of enemy squads and vehicles.
  2. Supply: You will keep your team stocked with ammo and vehicle drops.
  3. All-Out Offense: Launch tomahawk missiles or provide gunship strikes for your team.

Available Game Modes

Commander Mode is only available on select Multiplayer Mode. They are:

  1. Conquest 
  2. Obliteration
  3. Rush 
  4. Squad Deathmatch


Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Map


 Battlefield 4: Spectator Mode


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