Joomla 2.5: How to re-direct the Error Pages to Homepage


A 404 error message is the HTTP standard response code which ruturned when a visitor cannot find the page they trying to communicate with. The page could either be deleted, re-named  or move. The issue is the stanrad page is ugly and unhelpful.

This is bad for SEO as when the visitor comes to your website and sees the standard error message is commony for the visitor to leave your site. 

So it is very important to re-create 404 page on your site and redirect the traffic.

How to re-direct the 404 error page to Home page


Make sure you backup the file before editing

Locate the error page file. This is normaily inside the template your site is current use (to access this you need to get to files location of the website). 

Templates> [your website template folder] >error.php

Open the file using Notepad and delete the content of the file and add this line

for .php file use this

   header( 'Location: http://yoursite' ) ;
Save the file and this will redirect all the traffic from the error page to your homepage.
Hope this will help, good luck

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